What is Mobile Massage?

What is Mobile Massage?

If your only experience with massage includes spas, private practice massage therapist’ offices, and franchises that offer massage like Massage Envy, you may not be familiar with mobile massage.


Mobile massage caters to the client in that a massage therapist will come to your location to provide massage or spa services. This typically involves bringing all of their massage equipment with them. What this means for you is that you will need:

  1. Ease of access for someone carrying a massage table (not a lot of stairs etc,)
  2. Ample space for a a massage table in the room (at least 6 ft by 5 feet)
  3. A room temperature suitable for massage (not roaring hot or freezing cold)

On-Site: Locations for Mobile Massage

Mobile massage is also known as on-site massage due to the fact that the therapist comes to your location. The possibilities for on-site massage are varied. Typically, mobile massage therapists perform their services at offices, hotels, vacation rentals, conferences/events or client’s homes.

In addition, because Santa Fe has so many movie productions happening, SpaNomad has also done massages on movie sets with actors shooting scenes in the background and in movie stars’ trailers on set. It’s amazing how spacious those on set trailers can be – perfectly sized for mobile massage.


Mobile Massage Therapists


When looking to schedule a mobile massage the most important consideration is if the massage therapist has experience doing mobile massage. From a hiring perspective I can tell you that delivering mobile massage services requires a practiced and efficient skill set, one that most massage therapists who work out of an office don’t engage in.

As such, the most important question clients need to ask of someone offering mobile massage is whether or not the therapists does it full-time and if not, how often?

You can tell whether someone is skilled at mobile massage based on the equipment they use, how easily they can set up before the service begins, and just their ease and comfort navigating an unfamiliar space in short order.

What to Expect During Your Mobile Massage?


So, you’ve called and booked your on-site massage. What’s next?

  1. You should expect your therapist to arrive prior to the start time of the actual service.
  2. Next, the actual setup of your massage therapists’ equipment and supplies. The faster the setup, the more experienced the therapist.
  3. Once your massage area is ready, the massage should proceed, in my opinion, like any massage you would get at a high-end spa. This does include your therapist stepping out of the area to give you privacy.
  4. After completing your service, your therapist will  give you time to robe or dress and will then pack up all of their things.
  5. Payment, if it hasn’t already happened typically happens now at the end of the service which includes any gratuities.


Why Choose Mobile Massage?


I’ve been doing mobile massage full-time and exclusively with SpaNomad since 2008 after over 10 years working at high-end spas. What my clients like most about the service is that it is so amazingly convenient. Half of my at-home mobile massage clients and all of my office-based mobile massage clients have their own massage equipment on-site. They schedule their services for themselves or their staff weekly or bi-weekly. I show up, setup, they get a fantastic massage, and voila…instant relaxation. Dinner, baths, kids, pets and the other various and sundry activities that happen during daily life can occur up until the last minute.


The Benefits of Mobile Massage

Clients love that they get to experience the ultimate convenience of relaxation delivered to their doorstep. Hopefully, like with SpaNomad, you can choose a therapist that is skilled at providing mobile massage and is someone you can trust. When you don’t have to drive to get to your appointment or deal with parking you’ve saved so much time to do other more important things.

With mobile massage, you don’t have to get dressed up, no make-up is required, It’s a completely relaxed and I hope, family-like interaction.

Of course, if you’re traveling and getting a massage at a hotel, that’s different I think. But for me as a mobile massage therapist, I’ve been lucky to have travelers to Santa Fe come back and use SpaNomad’s massage services for over 10 years in a row. I see some of the same traveler’s 4 to 5 times a year.

Mobile massage has all the benefits of spa-based or office-based massage plus the added ease of a huge time-savings and more relaxation for you.

if you’ve never tried mobile massage I would love to answer any questions. Before or during your next visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico definitely call SpaNomad’s Traveling Spa at 505-490-0591 to schedule your next, greatest on-site massage!