The Four Simple Steps to Scheduling Mobile Massage


Welcome. You’ve decided to try mobile massage. What happens next?


1. Book/Schedule Your Mobile Massage

The very first thing to do is call and speak with a live person about your massage. I recommend this versus booking online for the comfort and ease of both parties. You can tell a lot about a person from just their voice, don’t you think? I know it makes a huge difference to me.


Common questions that clients tend to ask are about types of services, pricing, and payment methods.

What your mobile massage therapist will need to know is your location, any difficulties getting setup and what results you’re looking for: pain-relief, relaxation, etc…


2. Make Room for the Mobile Massage Equipment


This is especially important if you’re getting a couples massage and require two adjoining tables to be set up. However, for individuals, you’ll want to allow enough room for a tall person to lay down and stretch out their arms, this is about the width needed for a massage table and most tables also include a headrest, so factor that in. The massage therapist will also need to walk around all four corners.


With SpaNomad, one of my client’s bathroom is large enough to do their on-site massage so that’s where we do them. I use the sink area for the hot stone set up and it’s perfect because I can clean everything right there as well.


Hotel rooms usually require furniture to be rearranged and the massage therapist will do that for you and put things back as well.


3. Get Your On-site Massage

Prepare to meet and orient your mobile massage therapists at least 10 minutes before the start of the treatment if they’ve never been at your location before. This will give them enough time to determine space needs and make any modifications. If you’ve never worked with the therapist, you should feel free to give feedback and instructions as to pressure and comfort.


4. Pay Your Mobile Massage Therapist

Lastly, you should be prepared to pay your therapist the agreed upon amount with any additional gratuities. Payment can typically be made by cash, check (if you’re local) and credit card. Here in New Mexico, we also have state tax, so you may need to factor that in as well.


Voila, that’s how easy it is to get your first mobile massage!

I truly hope you enjoy it! It is such a well-deserved treat.

If you have any questions about scheduling mobile massage services in Santa Fe, call or text SpaNomad at 505-490-0591